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Tips For Writing Fight Scenes

Many authors find fight scenes the hardest character interaction to write. A good fight scene should be action-packed and not slow down the drama of the whole story. Ensure you keep the fight scenes engaging by making the action hard, packed with enough detail and fast. A good fight scene will make your reader feel like they are in motion. Here are some of the tips the writer can use when crafting a fight scene.

Before writing fight scenes, you can read some examples of fight scenes written by different authors. It will help you improve your writing skills in a significant way.

Ensure the fight scene is vital to the whole plot or story. It should provide the reader with proper information about the character. The fight scene should also fulfill the promise of your book, and the story should fit in the previous chapter.

Describe the character's motivation to fight. To build drama let the reader understand why the character is fighting. What does the character gain, what the character can stand to lose, what type of training does he or she have, what sort of ability does he or she have and whether the character has cultural beliefs about fighting? They are some of the critical things to consider when writing.

Think about how you are going to describe the actions in the fight scenes, more info here. You can use dialogue to alter the pace of the scene and keep the reader engaged. You can also use writing styles to enhance the fight. Fight scenes are generally fast-paced, so this should be reflected in your writing styles.

Consider how the stakes change for the character at the end of the fight scene. For example, your character may end up wounded and may lose a limb this limiting the ability to fight. It can be that the bad actor was defeated in the fight and the good character came out as a winner in the battle.

Take fight class before writing fight scenes. You cannot write something that you do not know or have any clue. Taking fight classes will give you a sense of what a fight may feel like in the real time and the real impact of a blow, go here for further details. Ask the instructor about common response between the fighters. Consider how a professional fighter will approach a fight, a good fighter will see a punch coming. It will help you much in writing a good fighting scene.


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